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Boxers from Colchester Amateur Boxing Club made the long journey to Devizes in Wiltshire to compete on the Devizes ABC dinner show. Molly Yates boxed local lass Jodie Williams and Blake Marshall boxed Ned Cash from Yate ABC.


To open the show Molly stepped in the face Williams in a no decision skills contest. This marked somewhat of a milestone for Devizes ABC as this represented the first ever female to compete for the club. 


In the opening round both boxers used their front hand to display their skills to the delight of the crowd. Williams showed plenty of ability for a debutant but experienced showed as Molly had the edge in form and sharpness.


In the second round the boxers threw punches with both hands and the crowd cheered loudly in support of both boxers. The determination shown and head movement shown by Williams belied her experience as she begun to find her rhythm but again the edge in controlled defensive boxing went to Molly as she drew her opponents lead and counter punches with sharp one two combinations.


Both boxers stepped up the pace in the last round with a really fast start coming from Williams. Molly used clever defences to weather the storm however and stuck to clean clever boxing. As the pace slowed Molly’s long lead left hands and well timed one-two combinations started to find their mark more and more often. The crowd were delighted with both boxers right up to the closing bell. The referee raised the hands of both boxers to rapturous applause from the crowd.


Next up was Blake who was hoping to build on a narrow loss from just last week when he made his competitive debut against a talented boxer from Attleborough ABC. Blake faced Ned Marshall from Yate ABC who proved himself to be a capable boxers.


Blake made a fast start taking the initiative from the opening bell. Cash tried to lad long punches and catch Blake as he came forwards but Blake answered with combinations to head and body. Cash covered up on the inside but Blake threw hooks around the side of the guard finding thre target at least once with each exchange.


The second and third rounds followed the same pattern. Cash stayed competitive trying to out-box Blake with long lead shots and counter punches but Blake’s sustained attacks and determined work on the inside clearly caught the Judges’ eyes. Blake was awarded a deserving points decision.


Both boxers were awarded their trophies by ex-professional boxer Nicky Piper.

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Full report to follow!

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Beswick Defrosts the Iceman


It was an all action weekend for Colchester Amateur Boxing Club; with five boxers taking to the ring. Welterweight prospect John Beswick and Junior ABA contender Charlie Reid squared up in their hometown at the Weston Homes Community Stadium on Friday night. On Saturday night middleweight Cameron Renson, female boxer Zoe Charge and heavyweight Frazer Wood travelled all the way to Eastbourne in East Sussex to compete on the newly formed Eastbourne Boxing Club’s first dinner show.


Kicking off the weekend’s action at the stadium was Charlie Reid against Joel Sayer from Norwich Diamonds ABC. In the opening round Sayer came forwards with bursts of powerful accurate punches but Charlie’s composed and controlled boxing seen him also connect with some powerful shots. A few well timed shots to head and body slowed Sayer down and Charlie soon took control of the bout.

In the second and third rounds Sayer boxed on the back-foot whilst Charlie dominated with combination punches. Sayer landed occasional counter attacks but was out worked as Charlie landed two or three punches to every counter attack. A convincing points win was awarded to Charlie after three well boxed rounds. 

Next was the very anticipated bout between John Beswick and elite welterweight Ryan Frost from Harwich Boxing Club. This contest belied the experience and ability of both boxers as it began and continued in a tense but scrappy fashion. Frost closed range down quickly and tried to work inside but John was not to be outdone and many exchanged ended in holding or leaning on.

Both boxers showed fleeting moments of quality boxing with Frost showing his strength by landing powerful shots to head and body and John using fast hands and feet to land eye-catching counter punches. As the contest drew on over the 3x3 and both boxer slowed a little the cleaner and more convincing shots were landed by John. A close split points decision was awarded to John after three hard fought rounds.

In Eastbourne Cameron Renson was the first Colchester Boxer to step between the ropes facing Rob Hobbs from Exeter University ABC. This was an exiting contest as awkward southpaw Hobbs came forwards with combinations to head and body and Cameron stood back landing counters and flashes of sustained pressure.


The opening round was close with neither boxer taking a commanding lead. Hobbs landed the more eye-catching shots in round two but in the third Cameron responded with classy boxing and well timed moments of pressure.

A close but deserved split points decision was awarded to Cameron.

Next up for Colchester was Zoe Charge facing home boxer Meg Dhanji. This proved to be an all action contest as both boxers battled hard with furious exchanges right up to the closing bell.

Taller boxer Dhanji threw long shots trying to catch Zoe at range but Zoe quickly cut down the reach advantage and scored effectively with short punches to head and body. After a close first round Zoe stepped up the pace and put in a convincing performance in round two. Both boxer were tired but pushed themselves to the limit in the third round. Dhanji was awarded the decision on a very close points majority. This bout was subsequently voted as the contest of the night.

To close the weekends action for Colchester heavyweight Frazer wood faced hard-hitting Ashley Mountain from Bexhill ABC. This proved to be a short lived and difficult bout for Frazer.

After a few sharp exchanges in the opening seconds of the bout Mountain landed a crashing right hand on target which sent Frazer to the canvas. In the interests of safety the bout ended despite Frazer’s determination to continue.

Charlie Reid, Zoe Charge and John Beswick will be joined by their team mates and other local Colchester boxers when they compete on their Open show on Feb 14th. The show will take place at St Benedicts Catholic College in Norman Way, Boxing starts at 1.30pm and the admission is £10 for adults and £5 for children. 

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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club’s John Beswick had a late start to the season but it was one worth waiting for. John boxed at the Chelmsford Amateur Boxing Club’s dinner show against Mayland ABC’s Jack Martin.

John knew he faced a difficult bout as Martin has just completed a successful run in the England Boxing Developmental Championships and as such approached the bout with steely determination.

In the opening round John boxed well taking centre of the ring but remaining relaxed, forcing Martin to come forwards. Using slick counter punches John opened the contest with a convincing lead.

Martin was not to be deterred however and kept a sustained attack which started to slow John down towards the end of the second round.

In the third round knowing he already dropped the opening two to John’s impressive movement and counter punching, Martin stepped on the gas forcing John to move more and cover up when under pressure.

Knowing that the bout could potentially be lost in the fourth and final round John changed tactics and took the fight to Martin, but was met with resistance. Both boxers battled hard with the more eye catching punches being landed by the Colchester Boxer. Despite receiving a standing count in the dying seconds of the bout it was clear that John had landed enough clean shots to win the bout. He was awarded the win by split decision, the referee congratulated both boxers for such a well fought contest. Later in the evening the officials voted John as the best away boxer of the evening. John will be back in action again next Saturday at the Harwich Boxing Club’s open show at the Park Pavillion Harwich.

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On Saturday 27th September 2015 Colchester Amateur Boxing Club opened the amateur boxing season in Colchester when they held an open boxing show. The show hosted lots of local talent and also staged bouts for the Essex and Suffolk developmental championships.

At only 10 years old Alfie Smith opened the show for Colchester ABC facing an older and larger opponent in Tamir Alsim from the Vange & Pitsea Amateur Boxing Club. Although this was a no decision skills bout both boxers were out to impress the audience. Alfie boxed tactically out of his southpaw stance whilst Aslim came forward using his natural size and strength to try and gain the advantage. A good defence and eye catching counter punches from Alfie made for an even contest.

Also just 10 years also and making his amateur boxing debut for Colchester ABC was Blake Marshall who faced Alfie Pigmore from Canvey ABC. This was also a no decision skills contest yet Blake showed his determination to progress through the ranks and become a competitive boxer. From the opening bell Blake was toe-to-toe with Pigmore throwing combinations with both hands. The fast pace was maintained throughout impressing both judges and members of the audience.

In the clubs first competitive bout of the season was long term club member Cameron Matthews facing Paul Smith from Capitol ABC in Warwickshire. Cameron had height and reach over his stocky opponent, yet this contest proved to be a tactical one. As smith held the centre of the ring Cameron moved around and boxed at range. The contest was a close call but the eye catching flurries in the late stage of every round were enough to convince the judges to award the win against the Colchester boxer.

Next up and looking to repeat his winning performances from two previous home shows was Louis Curtis. Louis faced talented Jake Rodda from Smallholdings ABC. This proved to be a difficult contest for Louis as Rodda’s aggressive style forced him back to the ropes from the opening bell. Louis held a tight guard with only occasional but eye catching punches slipping through. Louis boxed defensively for the duration of the bout scoring occasionally with counter punches however a last flurry of punches in the dying seconds urged the referee to step in and end the contest in favour of Rodda.

Charlie Reid was next facing Tommy Green of Broad Street ABC in East London. This proved to be a battle of will as both boxers tried to pile on the pressure from the word go. Attempting a change of tactics meant Charlie found himself backed up against the ropes having to battle hard to stay in the bout. After a gruelling and somewhat untidy three rounds the more eye catch punches had been landed by Green and he was awarded the win by unanimous decision.

Making his debut for Colchester but returning to the ring after an 8 year lay-off was Gary Bradshaw boxing Ryan Day from Holland Shore ABC. This proved to be a thrilling contest with plenty of skill and action on display. Gary took the initiative to begin with coming forwards with clean compact boxing skills. Day boxed on the back-foot and was forced to use all of his boxing skill to stay off the ropes. In the dying seconds of the first round the occasion was staring to take effect on Gary and he started to feel the pace of the bout and slow down. This spurred Day on who dragged himself back into the contest in the second round. Gary came out more determined in the final round and stared with some real eye catching shots being landed with both hands. Day stayed competitive though and when the final bell sounded the judges felt that the Holland Shore boxer had done enough to deserve the win. Day was awarded the win by the narrowest of majority decisions.

The next boxer to step between the ropes was another debutant, Cameron Renson. Cameron faced Keiren Mayo from Canvey ABC. Cameron was forced to move his head continually as Mayo held a substantial height and reach advantage. Not to be deterred the Colchester boxer ducked and slipped his way inside the taller man’s guard landing punches to head and body. The pace of the bout spurred Cameron on and started to drain Mayo. As the bout progressed Cameron started to mount a commanding lead yet Mayo stayed competitive snapping out long punches and occasionally catching Cameron as he moved forwards.  After a convincing performance Cameron was awarded a unanimous points win and was also voted Best Home Boxer of the tournament.

Other notable performances on the show included a polished performance from Liam Worster from Centurions ABC over Canvey’s Lewis Agambar. Liam was voted best away boxer of the tournament. Also Jack Martin from Mayland ABC scooped the tile of Essex Developmental Class B Champion under 69kg with an impressive third round KO over Braintree’s Joe May.

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The School holidays are almost over and the boxing season is almost upon us! CABC home show is literally just around the corner!

27th September is a date for the diary with most of last season's boxers hoping to be matched again in front of a home crowd and a few new faces to team CABC should be ready to make their debuts in September.

We are back in full swing with pre season training going well and some good sparring sessions already under our belts!!

Don’t forget to get yourself down the gym and working hard towards your personal goals!!

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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club celebrated their season in style with a smart dress only awards evening and two success stories in the ring.


In the final week of the season John Beswick boxed his way through three tough bouts to claim a silver medal in the internationally renowned Haringey Box-Cup, the club celebrated their success and that of all their club members at their annual awards evening , and schoolboy Tommy Reid claimed his first title.


In the box cup John was drawn against Fatjon Gola from the famous Peacock gym. After a tough battle where Gola paid scant regard for the rules John was awarded a convincing unanimous points decision. In the semi-final John faced Alex Bishop from Finchley ABC. Bishop proved he could box but over the duration of the contest Beswick’s fitness and punch quality proved the telling factor. Entry to the final was awarded by way of a majority win for John. The final was contested against Scott Jose from the Birtley ABC. The first two rounds were very close as both boxers demonstrated some quality boxing skill. In the final round the natural power of Jose started to take its toll and a few big shots landed slowing John down. Despite a brave performance a unanimous decision was awarded against John. Although he didn’t win gold John was pleased with his performance in what was his first season back into competitive boxing for four years.


Each of the clubs boxers celebrated their success at the annual awards evening with trophies being awarded to club members from the jubilee beginners class and the competitive boxers. John Beswick scooped the highly contested club champion award as well as Best Senior Boxer whilst Louis Curtis was awarded Best Junior Boxer. The full list of awards are as follows:



Competitive Boxer Awards

Club Champion – John Beswick
Best senior boxer – John Beswick
Best junior boxer – Louis Curtis
Best performance from a senior - Frazer Wood
Best performance from a junior - Tommy Reid
Best club member – Charlie Reid
Most improved boxer – Cameron Matthews
Best prospect - Alfie Smith


Jubilee Beginners Awards

Most Enthusiastic Member – Joe Davies

Most Dedicated Member – Jack Bailey

Most Improved Member – Phoebe Davies

Longest Standing Member – Ellie James


Bronze Award Winners:

Jack Bailey

Joe Davies

William Corner

Andrew Corner



To close his first season Tommy Reid turned in another excellent performance to scoop the Eastern Counties Novice Championship. Tommy boxed Tony Cooper of Chalvedon ABC, who proved to be a skilful and strong opponent. The opening round was a tactical affair but the slightly sharper punches landed by Tommy must have caught the judges eye. In the second round Tommy was forced to work a little harder but he refused to give ground to Cooper, again the sharper punches edged the round for Tommy. Copper put up an intense last stand knowing he needed a big last round. Clever defences and tactical boxing from Tommy denied Cooper the success he needed. The win and regional title was awarded to Tommy by way of majority decision.


Colchester Amateur Boxing Club would like to thank all its members and supporters as we close this season and look forwards to emulating this success next season.

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Colchester Amateur Boxing Club held their second open show of the season at St Benedict’s school on Saturday. In all there were 15 bouts, 9 of which were contested by Colchester Boxers.


The first bout of the day was Alfie Smith, a youngster of just ten years old making his amateur boxing debut. Alfie boxed Shay Norman for the Berry ABC in a no decision skills but. Both boxers here displayed some real talent as they were cheered on by the supportive crowd. Although no decision was given both boxers had their hands raised and were awarded a trophy.


The contest featured another debutant, Molly Yates. The second ever female to don the club colours and enter the ring. Molly faced Kayleigh Bulmer from Battlebridge ABC in another no decision skills bout. Despite having no decision both girls boxed at a fast pace and Molly had to work hard to use her skills against the aggressive Bulmer. The crowd showed their support as both girls had their hands raised and their trophy awarded.


The first competitive bout for Colchester was contested by Louis Curtis and Oliver Dragisic from Holland Shore ABC. Looking to repeat a golden performance on the last CABC show in September, Louis quickly got to work boxing at range, using defensive techniques and counter punches. Dragisic was determined however and pressed Louis throughout every round. Relying on all his experience Louis stuck to tidy boxing and impressed the judges enough to secure a split decision points win.


Next up and looking to avenge a loss from earlier in the season was Tommy Reid facing Will Coakley from Gator ABC. Tommy showed patience and skill as he boxed on the back-foot luring his opponent in and then countering with close range punches. Switching the attack to head and body as Coakley advanced clearly won the first two rounds for Tommy. In the final round, knowing he was behind Coakley picked up the pace but was faced again with a clam and measured resistance as Tommy boxed defensively and continued to score with counters. The judges were suitably impressed with Tommy’s performance and issued the verdict as a split decision points win.


The next Colchester boxer in the ring was another debutant, Tom Saffelle. Tom boxed Kaylom Bennett of the Chalvedon ABC. This proved to be a battle of will as both boxers came forwards throwing punches with both hands. Tom boxed well but Bennett was a strong opponent who kept pushing forwards scoring the more eye catching punches. Tom stayed competitive throughout the bout and turned in a good performance in his first contest but the win was awarded as a unanimous points decision in favour of Bennett.


Returning to the ring after some time away was Mason Jupp next, He faced strong opposition in the form of Tommy Lee from Hastings Westhill ABC. Lee was determined from the opening bell and quickly charged Mason down with sustained flurries of punches. Mason tried to box his way out of trouble but struggled with the Lee’s aggressive tactics. In the second round Mason adopted a different tactic and came forwards throwing more punches. When he found himself under pressure once more the referee decided to stop the contest. The win was awarded to Lee by second round TKO.


Charlie Reid was next into the ring facing a seasoned opponent from Berry ABC; Mitchell Williamson. In the opening minute of the bout Charlie came forward with his trademark aggressive style, pushing Williamson from corner to corner. As the bout slowed Williamson was able to find his rhythm and begin to claw his way back into the contest. The remainder of the bout proved to be an all action affair which had the crowd on their feet. Charlie continued to drive forwards throwing punches with both hands, whilst Williamson backed off and used counter punches to score. A tough decision was made by the judges to award Williamson the winner by unanimous points decision.


Aiming to continue his run of good form before he begins his Junior ABA championship campaign next week was Cameron Matthews as the next Colchester boxer in the ring. Cameron’s opponent was Mario Kyriakou from Cambridge ABC. This proved to be an extremely skilful contest as both boxers moved around the ring using clever defensive tactics and measured attacks. Cameron landed the more eye-catching punches during the first round which helped boost his confidence in the second. In the second round a succession of powerful scoring blows lead the referee to issue a standing count to Cameron’s opponent , after this the referee decided that the safest decision was to stop the contest in favour of Cameron. The win was awarded to Cameron by way of second round TKO.


Closing the show was Colchester’s senior prospect John Beswick as he faced strong Berry ABC boxer Luke Brickwood. These two has narrowly avoid each other earlier in the season during the championships and so a show down seemed imminent. From the opening bell John showed his class by forcing errors from Brickwood and capitalizing with eye catching punches. Brickwood stayed strong and pushed John hard through the first two rounds but the more quality punches were landed by the Colchester boxer. In the final round Brickwood made a last attempt to put John under pressure but it came too late. When the final bell sounded there was only one clear winner. A unanimous points decision was awarded to John and he was also awarded best home boxer for convincing win over strong opposition.


Other notable performances from local boxers included a convincing points win from Harwich’s Stevie martin over Elliot Hedger from Hastings Westhill ABC. A second round TKO win from Alfie Lucas of Essex University against Cambridge ABC’s Jacob Quigley. The crowd were also treated to a local derby as youth boxer Lewis Richardson of Centurions ABC won a convincing victory over Patrick Allen-Cripps of Harwich ABC. Lewis was awarded best away boxer of the show.


Colchester ABC would like to thank all their sponsors and all the volunteers that make events like this possible.

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  • Homeshow
Less than two weeks to go. Sat 26th April.

If you love sport & you love boxing then be there.

At least ten of Colchester's finest boxers will be in action alongside boxers from all over the south east.

A brilliant community event for all the family. St. Benedicts Catholic College Norman Way Colchester. Boxing starts at 1.30. Refreshments available. Not to be missed!!!

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  • 2014-LCCM

Colchester boxers Cameron Matthews and Louis Curtis were in action at the weekend boxing on the Essex University ABC show at the Arena Colchester. Cameron faced-off in a local derby against Essex Uni boxer Jimmy Martin and Louis faced his cousin and old foe Stevie Martin of Harwich ABC.


First through the ropes was Louis who lost his last bout against Stevie martin by the closest of margins. With this in mind Louis started at a fast pace taking the bout to Martin with determined combination punching. Martin boxed cleverly however moving around the ring and catching Louis with his southpaw jab as he advanced.


Nothing could separate the two as the second round started. Louis kept up the same forceful pressure and this time was met by a slightly more determined Martin. The crowd were delighted as both boxers battled hard to try and secure the win.


The final round followed the same pattern as both boxers gave it their all meeting in the centre of the ring for sustained two handed exchanges. The crowd showed their support of both boxers determination as they broke out chanting each boxers’ name. A deserved but close points decision was awarded to Martin just after the master of ceremonies congratulated both boxers on the quality of the contest.


Next up for Colchester was Cameron as he faced older cousin Jimmy Martin, Cameron started positive throwing long punches as he moved In and out of range. Martin tried to box on the back foot but found it hard to settle as Cameron forced the pace of the bout.


Experience told throughout the rest of the bout as Cameron built on the good performance in the first round. Martin wasn’t allowed to settle as Cameron help the centre of the ring and backed his opponent up with sustained combination punching. Martin stayed competitive until the final bell trying to box at range and land occasional heavy shots but the judges were swayed by the high work rate and eye catching shots landed by Cameron. A convincing unanimous points decision was awarded to the Colchester boxer.


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  • 2014-Lion

Colchester Amateur Boxing Club boxer Cameron Matthews quite literally entered the Lion’s Den when he boxed Bradley Messer of Lion ABC London. The bout took place in the Lion ABC gym, appropriately named the Lion’s Den.


Despite giving age away to the home boxer Cameron started the bout with intention and threw long combination punches pushing Messer onto the back-foot. The fast jabbing Messer tried to take the initiative on numerous occasions, leading with the double jab; he was met with fierce resistance however as Cameron landed two and three punch combinations with accuracy.


The second round was a more tentative affair for Cameron as he tied to box on the back foot and score with single shots. Spurred on by his opponents’ lack of work Messer stepped up his game and began to force Cameron back to the ropes and into the corners. Cameron kept the bout competitive with slick boxing but Messer had made it all to fight for in the third.


With one round to go both boxers knew that winning the final round was vital and both started with gusto. Messer initiated most exchanges but Cameron’s accurate power-punching was eye catching almost forcing the referee to issue a recovery count to the home boxer. Messer pressed Cameron right up to the final bell but the Colchester boxer had done enough. The judges awarded Cameron the bout on a majority point win in what has proven to be one of his best performances to date. Cameron and club-mate Louis Curtis with both be in action on Saturday afternoon 22nd Feb in Colchester at the Essex University ABC show at the Arena Gymnasium.

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Friday night saw the gym buzzing with a full house of new and experienced boxers all enjoying a hard work out!

Plenty of sparring for the more experienced boxers and a full circuit for everyone ensured that the atmosphere in the gym was excellent, keep up the hard work everyone.

There are a few bouts coming up in the next few weeks so will update you all with more information as soon as possible.

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Well Christmas is over and the New Year has started, so why not get back into the Gym!

No excuses for our carded boxes and regulars not to be back into the full swing of training from January 3rd!

Never tried boxing before but you are looking to get fit and try a new sport then come along to a free taster session in January, it will cost you nothing and Boxing is proven to be one of the best forms of exercise out there.

Look forward to seeing you all back in the gym soon.


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No Excuses for not training over Christmas as the gym will be open!!!

Enjoy that Turkey knowing you will be working it all off on the Friday night!!!

Friday 27th December Mixed session 6pm - 7,30pm All Welcome.

Mon 30th December Main Session 7pm - 8,30pm as normal.

Friday 3rd January Beginners Session 6 - 7pm as normal. Main Session 7 - 8,30pm as normal.

All the sessions will run to timetable from the 3rd January 2014!

From all the coaches and committee may we wish all of the CABC family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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  • 2013-12 New S Gloves
In an attempt to get the club logo in even more places around the gym, head coach Carl Barton has been busy ordering some new equipment for the gym.

Seen in the picture are squad members Jack Perry and Charlie Reid trying out our new CABC Sparring Gloves, the Black and Gold colours are on now in constant use in the Gym. Along with the new Gloves the club have also invested in some CABC hand wraps now on sale to members just in time for Christmas!  

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